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Blumoo turns your iOS device into the ultimate remote

If you've ever misplaced your TV remote for any length of time -- and I know you have -- you're familiar with how ridiculously frustrating it can be. Blumoo turns your iOS device into an extremely capable universal remote for virtually everything in your entertainment center, and while it won't he...

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VooMote Zapper universal remote for iOS: A first look and a rant

Zero1.tv has released its new VooMote Zapper (US$69.95) universal remote for iOS devices into the wild, and it's also now in your nearby Apple Store. I had an opportunity to try the new device out over the last week, and while less expensive and smaller than the VooMote One remote we mentioned at ...

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VooMote One IR sled and app: A new iPhone/iPod touch universal remote

The boss -- AKA Victor Agreda, Jr. -- did an amazing writeup on July 15 where he compared three iOS-based universal remotes. Sure enough, just a little over a week later, there's a new kid in town. Zero1.tv has created a universal remote sled for iPhone and iPod touch called the VooMote One ($99)...

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Which universal remote for iOS should you choose?

This week I ran in-depth reviews of three iOS-based universal remote systems. Each uses a separate remote unit, as opposed to dongle-based IR blasters like the Ri remote and others. We'll take a look at those other IR remotes another time. The question is, of the Peel, UnityRemote and Beacon, w...

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Griffin Tech's Beacon: A highly customizable universal remote

Griffin debuted an early version of the Beacon at CES, but it has only recently become available for sale. The Beacon is another iOS-controllable IR blaster combo to control all your audio/video components. Like the UnityRemote, there's a Bluetooth IR blaster. Unlike the UnityRemote, however, G...

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UnityRemote: another iOS universal remote worth checking out

We first spied the UnityRemote from Gear4 at CES in January. Gear4 has decided to go with a very simple device and app, and that's a good thing. Frankly, I don't get having social features in my TV remote (and yet I take Instagram photos of meals) or needing twenty different ways to visuali...

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Unity box turns iPhone into an IR remote

The UnityRemote box sits on your coffee table or some other centrally located place in your living room. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, Unity takes orders from your iPhone and transmits those commands through an IR beam to any other IR device in your living room. This includes your television,...

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RedEye gives you a universal iPhone remote for your home entertainment center

ThinkFlood has released RedEye, their universal remote add-on for iPhone and iPod touch. The RedEye remote is a combination of hardware and software that turns your iPhone into a truly universal remote control for IR-based devices. I received an advance unit to take for a spin, and tested it out wit...

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