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Unofficial Dominion on iOS now, official version later

I'm a big fan of Ascension, the iOS app that replicates the real-life deck-building card game of the same name. But when it comes to more self-contained deck-building card games where you build a deck as you play, as opposed to collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, there's really one b...

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iPhone Minecraft client posted, pulled

If you keep a close eye on the App Store (or have a quick RSS feed following it), you might have noticed an app called Minecrafted up there on Monday morning. It's a Minecraft client for iOS, a version of the extremely popular indie game that can be run on an iPhone, and connect up to real Minecraf...

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The question of emulators

Gizmodo recently posted this video, which is beautiful to any PSX-era gamers: it's Final Fantasy VII running right on the iPhone, like buttah thanks to the 3GS hardware. How is this possible? Through the magic of emulation -- ever since computers got powerful enough to pretend to be other computers,...

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Ad: New York loves the iPhone

Or so says this ad. Mac Rumors isn't sure what the deal is on this either, but this unofficial ad by Alec Sutherland, Anthony Hechanova, and Todd DosSantos is a neat little tribute to both New York and the gadget that's going to take over the world at the end of the month. And forgive me if I'm re...

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Mogopop iPod content publishing community releases Macworld 07 guide

Mogopop is a content publishing community that publishes everything in an iPod-friendly format. From their own explanation: "Mogopop rolls your video, audio, pictures and text into a single piece of iPod content that anyone can download." Anyone can sign up to publish content, and while most items...

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Test your MacBook for random shutdowns

Some MacBook owners around the web are reporting a 'random shutdown' issue, where the machine will - as you might guess - seemingly shutdown at random; either during work or patiently idling for your next command. If you haven't experienced this issue yourself yet but are still concerned about it, T...

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