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Road Not Taken is coming soon from Triple Town's creators

Triple Town is one of my favorite games on iOS over the past few years -- it's a puzzle game with a simple ruleset and a whole lot of complexity. The creator of that game, called Spry Fox, has announced a new title in development called Road Not Taken, and you can now see some concept art from it ...

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Dungeon Hunter 3 screenshots leak

Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter series has delivered some of my favorite gameplay on iOS -- the second game, especially, has made for some really great single-player moments, and even some terrific co-op gameplay. Sure, the series is heavily influenced by Diablo and other hack-and-slash RPG titles, b...

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John Carmack talks about Rage SD and HD, iOS, and what's next for iOS gaming

We've all seen the potential of what a demo like Epic Citadel can do, but while work continues on Infinity Blade, John Carmack's id Software has released Rage, an iOS-exclusive tie-in to the big FPS console and PC title scheduled to come out next year. The game is a pretty incredible feat in and of...

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Happening leverages Yahoo events search for your iPhone

It's a little bit odd that there's no official iPhone app for Yahoo's Upcoming service. With community-contributed event listings sorted and searchable by location, there's a natural fit between Upcoming and the iPhone -- yet there's nothing from the big Y! in the App Store for this service. (Not to...

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Celebrate your WorldWidePad: Live Chat Friday

worldPad Feliz iPadidad! Buon' iPad! KonishiPad! iPad Ace Beauty Mate! Ni xaoPad, eh! Grüsspad! The iPad has finally gone World Wide -- and TUAW is there. Please join us Friday at 7PM Euro for our live world iPad chat with authors Erica Sadun and Steve Sande as we talk about all things new...

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Macworld 2007 party roundup for Wednesday, January 10th

Macworld certainly isn't all work and no play, so I thought it would be handy to round up any parties and gatherings that are happening *off* the Macworld Expo grounds. For simplicity, I checked Upcoming's Macworld tag, though we have heard of at least one other non-listed event (and I would bet the...

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OSx86 Project announces forum reorganization and upcoming name change, hints at new features

I just received an email from the OSx86 Project announcing a few recent and upcoming changes they have and will be making to the site. Last week they reorganized the forums to make the browsing and searching process easier, but in the upcoming weeks (by the end of the month, they promise), a host of...

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