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Google Wallet app updated with Touch ID support and new bill splitting feature

Google has updated the Google Wallet app for iOS with a few nifty new features. On the security front the app now features support for Touch ID, allowing users to avoid using a PIN to open the mobile wallet. Users can also now access their loyalty and gift cards, even when their devices are offli...

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App Store gamers are cheap, angry and whiny

Monument Valley developer Ustwo learned a harsh lesson about App Store customers this week when the group released a sizable update to its highly regarded iOS title. A level expansion titled Forgotten Shores added a further eight chapters to the popular puzzle game for $1.99, and if you had read a...

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iOS 8 has arrived, and these apps are ready

Now that iOS 8 release day is here, developers are releasing updated versions of their apps that take advantage of its new features. I've collected several here for you to explore, and I'll be adding more throughout the day. Is there one that I missed? Speak up in the comments. Now, let's get star...

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iMovie update fixes crashing issue

Apple has released iMovie 10.0.04 just in time for editing all the video from your summer adventures. The update doesn't bring any major new features to iMovie, but it does provide improved stability and fixes issues that have previously caused the app to crash in the middle of editing. The compa...

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Apple now routinely updating Maps with user corrections

After relying on Google Maps for five years, Apple launched its own Maps app in September of 2012 to joyful fanfare that quickly changed to befuddled confusion. The app's maps were buggy, sometimes directing you to drive across bodies of water to get where you wanted to go. It was bad enough that ...

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App updates you don't want to miss - December 23, 2013 edition

It has been a busy few weeks with software updates coming out for both iOS and OS X apps. Grab a cup of joe and check out our list of notable updates from the past few weeks! You can also follow them on a rolling basis on our website. iOS Apps Heads Up! [iOS Universal; Category: Games; $0.99...

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Vine updates to add drafts and editing tools

Your Vines are about to become significantly more watchable. The Twitter-owned social video-sharing app has released a new update that adds a new "Sessions" feature, which allows you to save videos in drafts. That's right. No more being forced to finish a Vine perfectly the first time and then imm...

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Chrome for iOS updated with enhanced search options including pronoun support for voice

The last time Google updated Chrome for iOS, users got the ability to open links to YouTube and Maps directly in their respective apps instead of in the browser. Now the little browser that could has just received its latest upgrade, bringing with it new enhanced search options. These new search f...

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TUAW Bits and Pieces: review followups

TUAW Bits and Pieces returns to items we've previously reviewed here on TUAW, offering updates about their usability over time or providing new information we've found since the original post. Antec PowerUp 6000 I've been testing the Antec PowerUp 6000 portable power supply over an extended time...

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Google announces new YouTube for iOS with multitasking

Google has just made it easier to never stop watching videos on your iOS device. Today the company launched the latest update of the iOS version of YouTube, bringing with it the ability to multitask within the app. Bow down, you gods of self control. The multitasking feature allows users to minimiz...

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Daily iPhone App: Kingdom Rush Frontiers makes great TD better

We've mentioned Kingdom Rush Frontiers here a few times before, so odds are you might know a little something about it already. But the long-awaited sequel / expansion to one of the best tower-defense games on the App Store has now gone live, for US$2.99 on iPhone and $4.99 on iPad, and you can ...

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Big updates coming for Skylanders, Real Racing 3

We've got news of two major updates coming to high profile iOS games recently. First up, Activision's Skylanders: Lost Islands (the iOS town-building title based on the very popular toy/game series) just got a new substantial update, featuring Facebook integration, and lots of new companions to ...

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It's back. It's on the Mac. Echofon aficionados rejoice!

The other day Echofon 1.7.0 mysteriously appeared on the OS X App Store, upgraded to support the 1.1 Twitter API. We contacted the developers to find out if this was a courtesy update or if Echofon was back in development. We're delighted to relate that a spokesperson has confirmed: Sorry for ...

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Twitter updates its OS X client

Twitter has updated its Twitter for Mac client, and you can see all of the new changes on the official company blog. The biggest update is that you now get a camera icon when you're composing a tweet, which makes it easier than ever to share pictures straight from your desktop (other Twitter cl...

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Tweetbot update brings new media timeline and image viewer

The popular Twitter client Tweetbot has been updated to version 2.8, bringing the addition of a new "media timeline" and image viewer for the iPhone and iPad apps. Media view allows users to see photos and images that have been tweeted directly in their feeds, with the text of the Tweets neatly...

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