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TUAW at Macworld/iWorld 2014: Kamino

Kamino is a new free app that is making its debut at Macworld/iWorld 2014. Described as an "urban discovery app", the idea behind Kamino is that people who enjoy walking or hiking around their urban homes can capture those hikes and share them with others. If you're visiting a city on vacation or j...

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Here's what the iPhone reveals about suburbanites vs. city dwellers

I grew up in the suburbs. The first 20 years of my life, I was stuck, dumb and happy, in the Midwestern suburbs. I thought the 'burbs had everything I needed: Targets, Applebee's, corporate chain restaurants and car dealership after car dealership. When I moved to Chicago for my junior year of col...

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iPhone users come in all ages but probably live near a big city

The end of this week has brought a little flurry of information about the differences between iPhone and Android users. First up, Admob has released the results of a survey that says the iPhone is twice as popular as comparable smartphones in both young and old demographics. Unfortunately, we can o...

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SeeClickFix for iPhone helps communities help themselves

One of the oft-unsung but quite awesome things about living in New York City is our urban help line, NYC 311. Whether it's a leaky hydrant or a burnt-out streetlamp, a missing manhole cover or a mixed-up parking sign: there's only one number to call for any non-emergency question, and they will trac...

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