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Use iConvert to scan documents directly to your iPad

I saw quite a few document scanners for iOS devices at CES last week, but this is about as elegant as they come. Brookstone is offering a scanner called iConvert, which uses your iPad as the receptable for anything you scan with it. Not only does it scan your documents with a 300 dpi scanner,...

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Survey: Working on the go will be top iPad use case

A new survey by Sybase says that 2,443 of adults with a mobile phone, when polled, claim that their number one use case for an iPad would be working while out and about. 52.3% of those polled say they would work from a device like the iPad, 48.2% said they would use it to watch movies and televisio...

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Safari's market share up 46% from last year

TUAW has long agreed that Safari support is not optional, and MacDailyNews is reporting that Apple's baby browser is continuing its market share march and has snagged 3.21 from its 2.20 share in August of '05. However, MDN also notes that, from analyzing the data from NetApplications, it appears mos...

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