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Found Footage: iPhone bricked? Still useful

Because an Apple commercial isn't accepted by the Apple community until it's parodied, here you go. NeoBen on YouTube has made a short parody of the new iPhone ads-- but they're about how his iPhone got bricked with the 1.1.1 update. And how you shouldn't worry if yours got bricked, too, because th...

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Rotate just one PDF page in Preview

Over at MacOSX Hints, a poster has figured out how to rotate a single page in Preview without affecting any other pages in a PDF file. The secret lies in the option key. By holding it down before clicking either Rotate Left or Rotate Right, you limit the rotation to the currently displayed page rath...

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Useful Contextual Menu Plug-ins

One of the least-used but quite powerful tools in Mac OS X is the ability to run contextual menu plug-ins. Contextual menu items are those little programs or accessories that can be installed in /Library/Contextual Menu Items or ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items to extend the capabilities of your oper...

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