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Tim Cook thanks Apple employees, gives them Thanksgiving week off

Apple CEO Tim Cook knows that the company wouldn't be in the enviable financial state it's in right now if it wasn't for the hard work and dedication of its employees. Cook today sent a company-wide email to employees thanking them for that work and letting them know that they'll get some extra pa...

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Hawaiian Airlines will offer iPad minis to passengers

Hawaiian Airlines this week announced that it will begin offering iPad minis to passengers flying between Hawaii and 14 routes that encompass destinations in the US, Asia and the South Pacific. The iPad mini will offer a full-fledged entertainment experience and will enable passengers to pick fro...

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Tim Cook offers extended Thanksgiving break to Apple employees

It should be a happier Thanksgiving holiday this year for Apple employees. Once again Apple CEO Tim Cook has let team members know that they've had a great year and that they can take the entire Thanksgiving week off in the US to spend more time with their families. That time off will be with p...

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TUAW TV Live taking a holiday break today

In case you showed up here expecting to watch today's TUAW TV Live, I've decided to take a holiday break today. I'll be back at the regular time and place next Wednesday (5 PM ET) with more Apple-related products and talk. I'm also taking a break from the TUAW Daily Update podcast during this n...

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Travel ads doing especially well on the iPad

AllThingsD has an interesting report on the boom of travel ads in the last year. Mobile ad network Greystripe has seen travel-related mobile ad campaigns grow by 50% this past year. While researching why, they found the iPad has a lot to do with it. Greystripe found that a whopping 91% of iPad ...

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Holiday weekend giveaways: Trip Journal 5

More goodies for the holiday weekend! This time, ten lucky readers will each get a promo code for the just-revised Trip Journal 5 app -- perfect for sharing your photos and notes as you travel, each one geotagged with your location. You can auto-upload photos to Flickr, Twitter or Picasa, or provide...

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No vacations in June for AT&T employees

Boy Genius has the news that AT&T has blacked out the month of June for employee vacations in their stores. In the past, they've done exactly that when, oh, say, a brand new iPhone launches. So it's possible that we could see a new iPhone out and ready to go even before it's expected in July of...

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Apple introduces iPhone developer RSS news feed, takes time off from iTunes Connect

Late yesterday, Apple introduced a RSS feed for news from the App Store Resource Center, which was introduced a few months ago, and gives iPhone developers news about what's going on with the App Store for developers. Apple promises to deliver current turnaround time for app reviews (kind of a hot t...

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iPhone vs. Pre: The best air-travel companion

I'm by no means a frequent flyer, but I'm preparing for a trip to Vegas to get hitched in just about week. I'm loading up my iPhone with applications to make my vacation a little easier, like Flight Tracker and TripIt. Even with all these apps, I was left wondering if my iPhone would really be the p...

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Walt Disney World Notescast for iPhone: one Disnerd's review

To start with: I am a Disney fan -- to be precise, it's a lot like the way Jack Nicholson is a Laker fan -- so on my very nearly annual expeditions to a Disney park, I don't really need the map. I have memorized shortcuts and low-traffic restrooms, how to get all the good stuff done in one day, and ...

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De-clutter: How I used my iPhone and Evernote to travel light

Recently I spent a few days in Paris, France. I travel light: One bag (pro tip: Roll your clothes), one jacket and one hat. I love getting my necessities down to a single carry-on bag. What I hate is all the paper. Airline confirmation receipts, bus schedules, relevant correspondence from family and...

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3 ways to enjoy your vacation with your Mac

It's time to toss the kids into the back of the family truckster and drive to the shore, acquire a debilitating sunburn on the first day and pay $19 for a hamburger and a soda (not to mention the $100 you spent on gas in the first 24 hours). Summer vacation ... I'm lovin' it! We hope you brought you...

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