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iPhone-controlled robot vacuum transmits photos of its work

You can do almost everything from your iPhone, so it was only a matter of time you could clean your home with it. LG is set to demo its iPhone-controllable Roboking VR680VMNC robaotic vacuum cleaner at IFA 2011 this week. The Roboking sports three cameras and multiple sensors, which allow it ...

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VacuumMail: Automate Vacuuming Your Mail Index

A while back we mentioned a neat trick for speeding up Mail.app by "vacuuming" its SQlite database. Now the original source of the tip, Tim Gaden over at Hawk Wings, points to Leland Scott's VacuumMail, which utilizes a little AppleScript and launchd to automate this process. Tim also notes that if ...

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