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Vaja introduces new iPhone 4 cases

Yes, you're getting a bumper for free, but why not wrap your iPhone 4 in something a little more stylish and original? Vaja has released a line of its great premium leather gadget cases for the iPhone 4 -- I love these things, as they're made out of high-quality premium leather, and add an extra li...

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Vaja now selling iPad cases

Out of all of the iPod or iPhone cases I've seen, Vaja makes my personal favorites -- I bought one of their cases for my 80gb iPod, and it's still the best gadget case I've ever owned. They're a little pricier than some cases, but the exquisite leather, custom design, and solid crafting makes the p...

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Frozen iPod returns from the grave

Andrew sent us this great story -- he found an iPod classic in the melting snow of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. It had apparently been there "since early winter," and was frozen solid... as is the case, we'd imagine, with most things left outside there between September and April. Incredibly, though...

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iPhone, encased in leather

Michael sent us news of yet another iPhone case, this one made by Noreve. It looks pretty nice, and it's interesting that they created a flip that goes down instead of up-- they say that the camera is still usable with the case on, which is super nice. The colored cases aren't selling yet, apparentl...

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Swanky Leather MacBook Case Day

Yesterday was apparently swanky leather MacBook case day as two separate makers released new models. Vaja has long been known for rather expensive, but very finely crafted mobile phone/PDA cases. They are now apparently moving into the notebook case world and are offering the classic Jacket (from $1...

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My swanky Vaja iPod case

Back in December, I used some of my Christmas money to order an iPod case from Vaja, and today it finally arrived. I now believe in love at first sight. It comes nicely packaged with some propaganda (flyers, stickers, etc.) that my 2 year old immediately claimed. I went with a hunter green for the f...

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