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Apple hits new record $700 billion market valuation

As of November 24, 2014, Apple Inc had the largest market valuation of any company in the world. This morning, November 25, the company's value hit $700 billion, retaining its title and setting a new record for market valuation. To put Apple's success into perspective, the second most valuable co...

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Apple stock gains nearly $100 since Steve's passing

Apple 2.0 editor Philip Elmer-DeWitt is back today with another fascinating Apple statistic: "[Apple] has gained nearly one Facebook in value since Steve Jobs died." Elmer-DeWitt remarks that the share price of AAPL on October 4, 2011, the day before Jobs passed away, was US$372.50 and that the mar...

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Angry Birds' Rovio aiming for $1.2 billion valuation

Rovio, the development company behind the insanely popular iOS game property Angry Birds, is working on getting more funding. A deal is reportedly underway that would put the value of the studio at $1.2 billion. That's billion with a freakin' B, which is an astronomical number for a mobile game...

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Report: Zynga worth $7-9 billion

The Wall Street Journal says that, with its $250 million in new funding, social gaming company Zynga could be worth as much as $7 to 9 billion -- that's "billion" with a B. An astounding number for the company behind the extraordinarily popular Facebook game Farmville. Zynga has a number of interes...

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