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Vatican approves iPhone app

The Vatican's Pontifical Council for Social Communications has approved an iPhone app called iBreviary, which is apparently a virtual version of the liturgical book. The app itself was created by an iTalian (and yes, pun intended) priest, and during a trial release in Italy, was downloaded 10,000 ti...

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iPhone cult status examined

It is one of the biggest clichés in tech writing: Apple engenders a cult like following the likes of which no other current technology company can. It is true that Apple fans can be a bit... rabid, but that seems to be a shallow look at the phenomenon. That is why I was so interested to read...

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The Pope gets an iPod

First it was the Queen, now The Pope has received an iPod. The Catholic News Service is reporting that Pope Benedict XVI recently visited the Vatican Radio headquarters to celebrate the station's 75th anniversary, where the employees presented him with a white iPod nano with "To His Holiness, B...

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