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Lineform 1.5.1 is out: TUAW readers can save $30

It's been a while since Freeverse's vector application, Lineform, got an update. Lineform 1.5 came out in January 2008, but the Apple Design Award winner has remained unchanged since then. That's not a bad thing; as we've mentioned in the past, Lineform is great vector program. But it's always nice...

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VectorDesigner updated to 1.4.0

TweakerSoft has updated VectorDesigner to version 1.4.0, which includes user-definable templates, multiple point selection in path editing, and fixes a few minor bugs. VectorDesigner is a simple vector drawing application for illustrations and designs that can be scaled to any size. I reviewed Vec...

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TUAW Faceoff: Low-cost vector design apps

While I'm not a hard-core professional illustrator or cartoonist, I do use vector design tools almost every day. Designing logos, playing with type, and creating quick layouts are things every vector design tool should do well. Adobe Illustrator CS3, of course, is the 800-pound gorilla in this fiel...

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Lineform 1.5 update lost in the Macworld shuffle

Chalk this one up to bad press release timing: we neglected to note the release of a major update to Freeverse's Lineform vector art application, announced on January 14 (otherwise known as Steve's Eve). The new version includes full Leopard support and adds hooks for drawing tablet pressure sensiti...

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iSlayer - Vector, Bitmap, and Resolution Independence

Dashboard developer iSlayer has posted an interesting article examining the implications resolution independence (a new feature in Leopard) will have on icon design. Even before the issue of resolution independence, UI designers have been in two camps regarding the use of bitmap vs vector files for ...

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