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Apple secures multitouch-related patent from 1995

According to Network World, Apple recently obtained several patents and patent applications from Canadian inventor Timothy R. Pryor that cover the touch-based control of machines including appliances, vehicles and computers. The most interesting of the bunch is one that describes a "method fo...

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MakeGo turns your iPhone into a vehicle toy

MakeGo is quite an idea. It's an iPhone app, available for $1.99 right now, that turns the touchscreen of an iPhone (or iPod touch) into a vehicle-style toy, where you can play around and generate sounds for toys like a racecar, ice cream truck, or even a riverboat. But the genius of this one isn'...

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RC car modded with Arduino, controlled by iPad

This is great -- developer Wannes Vermeulen has hacked a toy remote control car with an Arduino board and hooked it up to an iPad to drive it around. You can see video of the project in action over on Vimeo right now. It's not anything too special these days, as you can buy lots of RC vehicles ...

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