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Big upgrades for premium Evernote users

It's been no big secret that I'm a fan and frequent user of Evernote. It's useful, both as a memory augmentation and as a general information collection utility that makes it easy to locate what I need, when I need it. There are a couple of things that would make the service even more useful, though...

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Beta Beat: All your projects are belong to Flow

The public beta of Gridiron Flow for Mac has been released, and I have to say I'm blown away. I love Curio for project management and brainstorming, but for the nitty gritty of version management, file collection and project source file relationships I'd just as soon have something magically do th...

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Versions: a delicious Subversion client

Source code versioning isn't something that usually gets attention here on TUAW. Subversion, the versioning tool of choice, is largely accessed via the command line to check in and out source, however, the people behind Made by Sofa decided that Subversion needed a nice looking client, so they built...

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Versomatic uber backup, archive and on-the-fly file versioning utility

I'm looking forward to Leopard's Time Machine, but Versomatic - at least based on the description - is going to truly rock my world. It's not the first app to offer this kind of versioning and archiving, but it sounds better than those that have come before. Versomatic is a new utility from Acertant...

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Subversion screencast

Mike Zornek, fellow Mac geek and Philadelphian, has created a very good screencast that covers installing, and using, Subversion on OS X. What's Subversion? A versioning system that allows a large group of people to work on the same files without worrying about overwriting each other's work. It is v...

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