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Daily iPhone App: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Anniversary is a great way to relive the memories

I don't know why it's so unbelievable for me to see this game running in full motion on my iPhone's screen. The iPhone 5 is a powerful device, and we've seen quite a few console-quality titles on the App Store. But there's something special about this game, probably the most coherent and well-m...

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GTA: Vice City for iOS gets a trailer

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the second in the "GTA3" series, available on the PS2 10 years ago (!) now. Unlike Grand Theft Auto 3, which featured a silent and anonymous protagonist, Vice City lets the player become Tommy Vercetti (voiced to a tee by Ray Liotta), a tough gangster from Liberty...

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Grand Theft Auto trilogy finally coming to the Mac

Man, it's about $*#(ing time. The storied (and dare I say classic?) Grand Theft Auto trilogy, featuring GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas, is finally coming to the Mac thanks to Transgaming. Of course, it's about ten years late -- the first game in the grouping came out in 2001 on the PS2. ...

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