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Found Footage: Flixwagon iPhone Vidcasting

One thing I'm sure a lot of iPhone fans were upset about this week was the lack of an announcement of video broadcasting capability in the 3G iPhone. I mean, OMG, how else are we supposed to make obsessive fan videos of Britney Spears?! Don't worry, the brilliant folks at Flixwagon are demonstr...

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"The world's biggest backyard fence to talk over"

MacTV has posted a really interesting videocast 'flashback' on the early days of computing in 1981 (iTMS link), including news footage and computing expo coverage.  An intriguing but brief interview with "multi-millionaire Steve Jobs" made it into the vidcast, and barring any discussi...

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New MacBreak podcast from Leo and friends

Yet another vidcast (and site) from Leo and friends has launched in the iTMS by the name of MacBreak (iTMS link). Its inaugural episode stars Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Amber MacArthur and a new face in the Leo party: Emery Wells. This first episode is roughly 30 minutes of video coverage from the M...

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Apple posts podcast tutorials

Now this is pretty cool: Apple has posted a series of eight video podcasts to the iTunes Music Store [link] that explain how to make a great podcast (both audio and video) with iLife '06. Topics include setting recording levels in GarageBand, making use of introductory music and sound effects, addin...

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