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AT&T responds to FaceTime criticism, says you should be happy just to have apps at all

In a move that will surprise no one, AT&T released a statement regarding FaceTime on its cellular network. Apple announced FaceTime over cellular at WWDC, but AT&T this month was quick to point out that only its Mobile Share customers will be able to use Apple's video chat tool. There a...

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Skype releases version 5.2 for the Mac

Skype has released a new version of its VoIP and video calling application for Mac OS X. Version 5.2 includes features such as group video calls (already present in the earlier version) and new screen sharing for its premium members. The company has also posted a tips & tricks page of short...

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SHAPE Services to release IM+ Video for Facebook video chat

A report from TechCrunch claims SHAPE Services, the company that develops the IM+ messaging client, has bought CrispApp. CrispApp produces fone, an iOS application for chatting and making voice calls to your Facebook friends. SHAPE plans to take the technology behind the fone app and merge it...

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Yahoo! Messenger lets iPad 2 owners video chat with PCs

Yahoo! rolled out a new Messenger app for iOS that includes support for the iPad 2. The tablet-optimized app will let you make voice and video calls using the front-facing camera. Yahoo! Messenger has a wide install base, and you will be able to make video calls to any device with a camera and ...

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Confirmed: FaceTime for iPad 2 works with video out

This morning, fellow TUAW blogger Erica Sadun and I both played with the video out features of the new iPad 2. While Erica discovered that something is preventing her iPad 2 from working properly with the video mirroring function that is supposed to work with all of the various video adapters (...

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Apple now owns FaceTime.com

Apple debuted its FaceTime video calling service when it launched the iPhone 4 in June 2010. The Cupertino company faced a potential trademark conflict with FaceTime Communications, a company that delivers a unified communications platform for enterprise businesses. Rather than fight the compan...

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FaceTime now in the Mac App Store, 720p video calling

Along with the launch of its new MacBook Pros, which include FaceTime HD cameras, Apple has released an updated version of its FaceTime application. The new FaceTime for Mac lets you send and receive 720p HD video calls on supported Intel Macs. The standard iSight cameras on previous Mac hardwa...

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Rumor: Skype bringing video calling to iPhone

Our buddies at Engadget had an interesting rumor to pass along this morning. It appears that Skype will be making a major announcement about video calling from iPhone (and other devices) during CES. The first hint Engadget picked up on was that Skype will be participating in a CES panel discussion t...

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Fring adds "dynamic video quality"

If you're a fan of FaceTime on your iPhone / iPod touch, but are frustrated with the Wi-Fi only restrictions, then Fring (the voice, video and instant chat app) is most likely your go-to app for video calling over 3G. Since there's no sign of Skype implementing video calling on the iPhone over Wi...

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Updated Skype for Mac "coming soon"

On Thursday, Skype unveiled Skype 5.0 for Windows. Among some pretty cool new features are group video calling and Facebook integration. The Facebook integration lets you view your Facebook news feed, sync your Skype mood messages and Facebook status, and call friends from your Facebook phone book. ...

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New iPhone 4 ads highlight FaceTime, tug at the old heartstrings

It's too early to say whether or not the phrase "There's an app for that" has been banished to the fabled Island of Forgotten Taglines, but if the latest series of iPhone ads is any indication, FaceTime is now the star -- not the apps. Four new iPhone 4 ads have made their debut both on the air ...

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Getting some FaceTime -- hints and tips about iPhone 4 video calls

When I ordered my iPhone 4 on June 16th for delivery in July, one of the features that I was intrigued about was FaceTime, Apple's Wi-Fi video calling application. Sure, other phones have had this feature for a while, but for me this was going to be something new. After an abortive attempt at my...

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