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i4software's Video Camera re-launches as Vizzywig, adds multi-camera support

Late last week, i4software updated its Video Camera app and transformed the title from its roots as a decent video recorder to a robust multi-camera video-editing suite. Besides its new and notable features, the app also received a new name and is now known as Vizzywig. The latest update brin...

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iPod nano rumored to get a camera

The latest rumor out of Asia suggests the iPod nano may keep its boxy shape and get its camera back. Those who keep track of the history of Apple's popular MP3 player will remember the player got an integrated camera in 2009. These modifications were quickly removed in 2010 when the player droppe...

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App Store approvals and the tablet: why it matters

When iTunes Connect returned after its Christmas break, developers noticed that things had changed quite a bit on the App Store approval front. Applications that had formerly taken ten to fourteen days to work through review were now getting processed in a couple of days or less. The upshot? Happ...

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Hands-on with the new iPod nano, part 2

Our planned look at the camera feature on the iPod nano got delayed by a household medical emergency, as described in one of our nano example videos above. It did give me a bit more time to go a little more hands on with the nano video camera, and the end result is satisfactory. You're not going...

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iPod nano: Cheaper, more features, and a video camera too!

Apple appears to be aiming right at the Flip market with its release of the updated iPod nano today. A quick rundown includes: Storage capacity: 8GB for $149USD, 16GB for $179USD. 2.2-inch color display. 240-by-376-pixel resolution at 204 pixels per inch. Battery: 24 hour playback for audio...

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