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Miro 2.0 revamps interface and improves performance

Miro, the open-source video client and podcatcher, has hit version 2.0. In addition to a revamped interface and various performance improvements in viewing and downloading, the new version also adds support for streaming shows on Hulu, CBS, etc. as well as audio podcasts. As before Miro features a c...

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Getting a podcast listed on iTunes

If you've gone to the trouble of creating a podcast, you're probably going to want to have it listed at iTMS. Whether and when that might happen is anyone's guess. Be prepared for some anxiety time as you wait a week or so to see if your podcast is accepted. Even if it is accepted, it won't necessar...

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Cars video podcast

Who doesn't like Pixar movies? The latest effort from our favorite part of Disney is 'Cars.' I know, I know this isn't exactly breaking news but the fine folks at Pixar have created a video podcast chronicling different parts of the movie, and it is available via iTunes. [via Luxo] ...

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Jack Black video podcasts in iTunes

Fresh from slaying Kong (beauty didn't kill the beast, Jack, you did), Jack Black is busy filming his next movie, Nacho Libre. If you can't wait until the movie opens on June 2nd to see what Jack is up to, you may want to check out his video podcast, Jack Black's Nacho Libre Confessional [iTunes lin...

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First paid movie subscription podcast

Back in November, we interviewed Canadian filmmaker Kray Mitchell of emotion entertainment upon the release of CrookZ, the first short film to be released as a vodcast in iTunes. Kray's intention was to make his film available to a great number of people with minimal fuss, but Skinny Bones Productio...

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Video podcasting the Super Bowl ads

So, have you selected your favorite Super Bowl ad? I liked the giant monster and robot who gave birth to the Hummer. Yeah, it was creepy, but I laughed at the tagline, "It's a little monster." If you still haven't made your selection, you can review all of the commercials via this video po...

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iTunes goes high fashion with Karl Lagerfeld

As anyone who attends FIT in New York City knows, next week begins Fashion Week in the big apple. Designer Karl Lagerfeld will end his contribution to the week's events by making the Karl Lagerfeld/Lagerfeld Collection shows available as video podcasts in the iTunes Music Store. While you're at it, ...

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TUAW Video Podcast: iMac Core Duo, Part 2

Here's part two of my video podcast on the new iMac, and this one is super-sized. It is both the longest and largest video podcast we've ever done, weighing in at close to 20 minutes and 109.7MBs in size. Here's a direct link to the file [ctrl click and save to disk] or you can grab it in the iTMS h...

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Find iPod videos with SearchForVideo

SearchForVideo is a new service that scours the internet for iPod-compatible videos. All sorts of genres are represented, from humor to current events. There's also a video podcast, of course [link]. Choose the type of content you're interested in and be directed to the proper link in iTunes. Of cou...

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Apple posts podcast tutorials

Now this is pretty cool: Apple has posted a series of eight video podcasts to the iTunes Music Store [link] that explain how to make a great podcast (both audio and video) with iLife '06. Topics include setting recording levels in GarageBand, making use of introductory music and sound effects, addin...

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