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In The Mix has wild effects for playful video editors

In The Mix lets anyone create videos with stunning visual effects or full films using multiple video clips. Add in music from your iTunes library, record a few video clips, then browse a long list of unique effects to layer on top of the video. With minimal experience, In The Mix's set of feature...

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Digital StrongBox simply stores securely

Digital StrongBox is a simple app to securely store personal information, notes, photos, and videos on your iPhone or iPad so that it is safe from prying eyes. It uses AES-256 encryption, which is certainly strong enough for anyone's purposes and protects your data behind a 4 to 8 digit access c...

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Share videos easily with RealPlayer Cloud

I'm old enough to remember when Real Video was the only game in town for streaming video. Once upon a time, everyone had some version of real on their computer. Then it went out of fashion or was overtaken by others, perhaps YouTube? I honestly do not remember. I was shocked to discover that Rea...

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TranquilityTV for iOS gives you soothing video and audio for relaxation

TranquilityTV (free with in-app purchases) is designed to help you relax with videos of restful places and soothing audio. This universal app is a four-minute sampler of images and sounds before any IAP's. The company behind the app makes videos for special TV channels in hospitals, and I could see...

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Parenting Tip: How to control what your child watches on YouTube

My kids are growing up as part of the internet generation and, as a result, they love watching videos online. Being good internet citizens, it's not surprising their favorite videos involve cats doing silly tricks. I would love to let them loose on YouTube to watch their cat videos, but there is a...

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DabKick for iPhone lets you share photos, watch videos and now listen to music in real-time

There are a lot of communication tools that help you stay connected with family and friends. One that recently caught my eye is DabKick, which stood out because it lets you share and communicate in a variety of ways. It's a real-time photo viewer, video sharing tool, walkie-talkie, instant messeng...

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DivX Stash is a new free service that lets you get control of your online video viewing

DivX Stash is an interesting and free service that lets you collect your favorite YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo and videos from other sources and keep them in a central library. The service is in beta. You can create custom playlists and watch them on any iOS device with a free app or on your Mac. If ...

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OS X video tutorials available at the Mac App Store

Noteboom Productions has announced Tutor for OS X Mountain Lion, a complete video tutorial is now available on the Mac App store. In Tutor for OS X Mountain Lion, the user watches videos to learn how to use OS X Mountain Lion, Apple's latest operating system. The video tutorial is designed for th...

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MacTech 2011 pulls in huge attendance, videos available now

MacTech Conference 2011 was held this week in Los Angeles, California, and since last year, this conference has definitely grown. There were almost twice as many people as last year's event, says MacTech publisher Neil Ticktin, reaching a total of almost 350 people. There were plenty of great s...

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Daily iPhone App: VidRhythm

When Harmonix (the makers of Rock Band and Dance Central) first announced it was creating a brand new iOS app, I was looking forward to a brand new music game of some kind. But the company surprised us all with VidRhythm, now available on the App Store for US$1.99. It's not really a game, really;...

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LogMeIn Ignition update will expand file-transferring capabilities

LogMeIn has submitted an update to the App Store for its Ignition app which expands the file transferring feature added earlier this year. The initial rollout of this feature was already pretty nifty to begin with, however Steve Sande pointed out in March that you couldn't save documents back on...

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WWDC 2011 videos reportedly not working in some browsers

Apple released its session videos from WWDC and many people are having problems watching them. Apparently, Apple is limiting playback to Safari on the Mac. If you try to watch the videos on an alternative browser, even on a Mac machine, you receive the stern warning that "You need to use Safari...

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Apple releases WWDC 2011 videos

WWDC 2011 session videos are now available in iTunes. These HD videos can be downloaded and viewed for your developing pleasure but require paid program credentials to access. All material in the sessions remains under Apple's confidential information NDA. Have fun, and we'll see you back in t...

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White iPhone proximity sensor, death grip tested on video

You don't have to watch the two videos after the break if you don't want to -- we'll just tell you that Italy's iSpazio blog tested the white iPhone's proximity sensor and "death grip" antenna seam issue, and that, surprise, they're both fine. The proximity sensor seems to work a little better ...

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Twitter update adds photo, video capture to iPad 2

The official Twitter app for iPad has been updated to version 3.3.2, and it now allows you to take and share photos and videos directly from your iPad 2. This functionality was already in there for the iPhone, of course, but now that the iPad is outfitted with a camera, Twitter has made it easy...

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