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Daily iPhone App: Alien Blue

Here's an app that lets you browse through the popular link board Reddit. You probably don't want to see everything there is on Reddit -- just like Digg in its day and other message boards like 4chan, some of the discussion over there can get pretty wacky. But Reddit is definitely a great commu...

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iOS 5 features: Calendar

iOS 5 has arrived, and with it come some really nice updates to the Calendar app. There aren't a whole lot of new things; the app's basic functionality of saving events on dates and showing them back in various views hasn't changed, but there are a few new elements. First up are the new views. ...

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YouTube testing new mobile layout

Of course, everyone's got the official YouTube app already installed on the iPhone, and whenever you want to browse the extremely popular video-sharing site, that's probably the best way to do it. But I often see YouTube videos on my phone when following links in email or on Twitter, and so I'm...

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Voices that Matter iPhone: Five iPhone app design mistakes, and how to fix them

TUAW is at the Voices that Matter iPhone developers' conference this weekend, talking to iPhone OS developers of all walks of life. All weekend long, devs are here learning about how to code and design better iPhone applications from some of the best minds and artists on the App Store. We've gat...

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Mac 101: Supersize your icon views

Welcome back to Mac 101, our occasional series of tips for new and novice Mac users. Over the past 25 years, icons may have become ubiquitous almost to the point of fading into the visual background; still, the little pictures that began in 32x32 black and white format have grown up quite nicely ...

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MiniMail: iTunes' mini window makes it to Mail

A while ago, Derek Powazek proposed an idea for a mini Mail window based on the functionality of iTunes' mini option; hit the best fit button - the green one - in iTunes to get an idea, or simply check out Derek's post for an actual screenshot mockup of the concept. Fortunately, John Gruber just ...

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TUAW Tip: View all items in iTunes 7

One of the things that has been bugging me since updating to iTunes 7 is the inability to see all my content at once; podcasts, video, audio and PDFs-all of it. While I normally don't need to see all my content in a single view, certain tasks, such as when I'm trying to get a feel for how much media...

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Give Mail.app a three-pane view

For those of you longing for the often-requested three-pane view in Mail.app, Tim Gaden at Hawk Wings has dug up yet another stellar find: an actual working version. This Ars Technica forum thread begins with the typical "gee, it'd be great if..." post which oh-so-often yields productive results su...

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TUAW Tip: quickly adjust viewable hours in iCal

Today's tip is a quick one about iCal, and it hails from the ever-useful archives of MacOSXHints. iCal's preferences allow you to choose how many hours you see in a day or week, but you can easily and quickly change this setting with a simple shortcut key. If you have a scrollwheel mouse or a two fi...

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