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Tag: vintage

The iWatch mockups from yesteryear

Old smartwatches don't die, they just need new batteries. I was going through some old bookmarks last night and I ran across a site called Wrist Dreams, which had a sad but funny list of smartwatches from 7 or more years ago. Listed among the fish finder watch and "thinking" watches, there's a link ...

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In this 1996 video Apple talked incredibly polite trash about Windows 95

The debate between PC and Mac users over which system is better will likely never end, but since the fight rages on, we might as well enjoy its finer moments -- like this video Apple produced in 1996 talking polite trash about the Windows 95 operating system. Over the course of 26 minutes Appl...

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Beyond Swift: visit Apple's official blogs of yesteryear

The introduction of Apple's programming language Swift at WWDC represents a departure from tradition in several ways. If an entirely new coding dialect wasn't enough, last week the company also launched a blog specifically focused on Swift. The new blog is aimed at developers working to adopt Swift,...

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Here's the Mac's first first-person shooter from the 80s

If you've ever spent a evening racking up headshots in Call of Duty or Marathon, you should probably pour one out in respect for MazeWars. Originally released in 1974 MazeWars is widely considered one of the original first-person shooters in history. Players moved a selected avatar through a maze ...

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Dish Network's mistake is a blast from the Mac past

It's not often that the onscreen programming guide for your cable or satellite TV service can trigger an unexpected wave of Mac nostalgia, but that's exactly what happened to me this weekend. As a Dish Network subscriber, I'm reasonably familiar with the available channel lineup, but most of the ti...

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A Mac graveyard

I'm not sure of the back story on this somewhat creepy collection of defunct computer hardware, which includes quite a few elderly Macs including a Power Mac G4 Cube and a gaggle of iMacs. The photo description says simple "In an old Mac shop," which makes it even more mysterious. Either way, it l...

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You came to the wrong neighborhood, Windows user

There's something a bit menacing about the ways these vintage Macs have gathered, like they're just waiting for an unsuspecting Windows XP user to walk by and get roughed up. [Photo credit: Peter Baldes]...

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The 12 Days of iMas, Day 11: The undisputed classiest iPhone dock you'll ever see

Today is the 11th day of a 12-day feature where we'll show you the strangest Apple-flavored gifts we can find. Check out the previous days here: Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Day 11: Give your iPhone a touch of oh-my-god is that brushed copper? Most iPhone docks try to match the modern lo...

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YouTube playlist: Apple II games

Hey, it's Friday! Besides Tim Cook going on a media tour recently there's not much going on, so let's reminisce. I grew up with an Apple II and this video playlist of old games for the venerable platform had me watching in awe as someone with more skill than I deftly played through games like A...

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Macworld lists six rare Macs

Benj Edwards of Macworld takes a walk down memory lane and lists six obscure Mac computers that saw limited production runs. All the unusual machines were produced in 1990s and include the JLPGA PowerBook 170, the Color Classic II, the Macintosh TV, Power Macintosh G3 All-in-One, Twentieth Anni...

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Player piano rolls made on a Mac... and an Apple II

I'm a big fan of the Canadian TV series How It's Made, shown in the USA on the Science Channel. There's something hypnotic and soothing about all those lathes, molds, conveyors and such, producing the things that we all take for granted. One of the older episodes was on this weekend, featuring t...

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Vintage Apple-1 up and running

An original Apple-1 sprung back to life during a presentation at the Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy this week. Hand-built by a then young Steve Wozniak, the vintage computer was purchased by Mark Bogle for US$211,000 as part of a high-profile Christie's auction. Despite its age of 35 ...

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One of Steve Jobs' first TV appearances in vintage video

It's always fun to take a look back in time, and it is even more fun when the person we are looking back at is Steve Jobs. In this short video clip, a 23-year old Steve Jobs prepares for one of his first television appearances. It is entertaining to see him act surprised when he spies himself o...

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Macintosh Portable prototype hits eBay, unusual keyboard configuration intact

If you are looking to grab a piece of Apple history, here is your chance. Spotted on eBay is a prototype Macintosh Portable computer, an early predecessor to the PowerBook. The Macintosh Portable debuted in September 1989 and was a semi-portable, battery-powered version of a desktop Macintosh. The ...

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Flickr Find: Grampa Mac Portable, meet the baby MacBook Air

It's hard to look at Patrick McCarron's snapshot of -- how many generations? Hard to count -- many generations of mobile computing development and 22 years of Macintoshes on the move without being a little bit awed. The Mac Portable, 1989's answer to getting things done on the go, seems simultaneou...

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