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Friday Favorite: How Keyboard Maestro saved my Mavericks macros

Bless Keyboard Maestro. It's not as if we haven't already given it coverage here at TUAW, but I fought to make it today's Friday Favorite because it pulled my grits out of the fire after I upgraded to Mavericks. Me? I've been a Quickeys user since the freaking 1980's. One gets used to an app. Use...

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Square encryption hinders Visa deal

Square is running into some problems with its new investment partner Visa. An executive at the mobile payments company confirmed it is re-working its system to encrypt credit card data on the fly. Square now uses a dongle that plugs into a headphone jack and an iOS application to process credit c...

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Square gets the backing of credit card giant Visa

Mobile payment startup Square confirmed it received a strategic investment from Visa. Square produces a credit card reader that connects to the headphone jack of an iPhone, iPad or other mobile platform. The Square application on the device accepts the credit card information from the reader an...

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Visa releases iPhone app with discounts, merchant directory

TechCrunch reports that payment processor Visa has released an iPhone app in the US* that gives shoppers access to some 50 merchants. Visa's new app comes with two services you can use, Offers and Locator. Offers: Receive merchant discounts and special offers directly on your iPhone. The offers are...

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New York, New Jersey transit pilot iPhone payment system

MTA New York City Transit, New Jersey Transit and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have collaborated with Visa to create a payment system that uses Visa's PayWave technology and several popular smartphones, including the iPhone. Travelers trying out the service can pay for passage ...

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Coming soon: Paying for stuff on Visa by waving your iPhone

You've probably seen contactless payment terminals before. They're used in many stores, restaurants, and other locations, with either a smart credit card containing a secure memory card or some sort of fob being used to make the payment. You just wave it at the terminal, and you've paid your bill. ...

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