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Bubble Browser for Evernote shows tags as bubbles

Bubble Browser, now available on the Mac App Store, is a new tool to assist in visualizing Evernote data. In particular, it excels at showing you tagged info, and presents larger bubbles corresponding to the frequency of use for a given tag. It's fast and easy to use, and I had a lot of fun pok...

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Pixar Image Computer: Yours on eBay for a cool $25K

So, you purchased a mint condition Apple I at an auction, have every model of Mac Quadra and Performa ever made, use your NeXT cube every day, love your working Newton MessagePad and QuickTake 100, and you're looking for something Apple-related that will finish off the collection. How about an ...

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techBASIC 2.0 brings sensor data collection, analysis and visualization to iOS

Scientists and hobbyists who want to use their iOS devices as tricorders now have a new tool to help them to bring that dream to life. Byte Works has released version 2.0 of techBASIC, a US$14.99 scientific and educational programming environment for iOS that can be used to pull in data from in...

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Watch iPhone owners travel around Europe

Over 800 iPhone owners donated their location information to Michael Krell of Crowdflow. He took this data plotted it on a map and set it in motion. It's captivating to watch the firefly-like blips move here and there across the region. Check out the video below. [Via GigaOM] ...

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