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Next-Numbers: A fun game from the Star Walk geniuses at Vito Technology

It always surprises me when a developer decides to do something totally outside the box. That's the case with Vito Technology, the company that develops such great educational and science-oriented apps as Star Walk, Dino Walk, Solar Walk and more. It's taken a big jump to games (the most popular cat...

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Solar Walk updated, on sale now

During WWDC, we got a chance to see an upcoming Solar Walk update from the folks at Vito Technology, and that update is now available. It adds a redesigned information screen that's easier to access and more filled out, as well as a greatly improved graphics system. There are also preset bookma...

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Final day of July 4 app sales

A lot of the App Store's biggest apps have been on sale this weekend, and a few holdouts dropped prices earlier today. If your head hasn't hit the pillow yet after your local fireworks extravaganza, make sure to grab some of these while the prices are low: The Real Racing series is on sale...

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TUAW's Daily App: Geo Walk

Geo Walk is an interesting title from Vito Technology, the folks behind the popular Star Walk and Solar Walk apps. They originally released Geo Walk a little less than a year ago, but the app wasn't quite as developed as their other titles (and presumably didn't do as well as those either). So ...

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Macworld Expo 2011: Vito Technology updates the Walk apps

Russian company Vito Technology was in one of the booths around the Mobile App Showcase at Macworld 2011 last week, and they kindly sat down to show off new versions of their apps, all coming up in the next month or so as free updates on the App Store. Popular astronomy app Star Walk was first. It'...

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Take a planetary tour with Solar Walk

Solar Walk is a nifty astronomy romp from the folks who did the popular Star Walk iPhone and iPad app. Instead of exploring the night sky and deep space, you get to tour our solar system in luscious 3D graphics. While the app is universal for the iPhone and iPad, the iPad version is breathtaking wit...

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