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Tag: vlog

Encode H.264 so it will play on your iPod

As of late I have totally gotten into Video blogging, both consuming and creating them. I have a nice camcorder, a copy of Final Cut HD Express, and lots to say. However, despite my general know how in regards to computers video encoding is something of a black art to me. I usually just export my vi...

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Democracy Player goes Intel (not quite Universal)

The Democracy Player is a cross-platform internet television viewer (or IPTV, for buzzword-compliance) that boasts over 500 built-in channels for your endless entertainment pleasure. It takes a bit of a different approach to internet television with support for a wide variety of aggregation services...

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Free cartoons for your iPod

We mentioned this cartoon podcast ages ago, but it went away. Frederator Studios (makers of fine cartoons like "Fairly Oddparents") has a relaunched blog, and a podcast. But the fun part are the free cartoons they're providing. And this time there's more than one available! These are out-o...

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Apple employee blogs commute

Have you ever wondered what it is like to commute to Apple's campus at Cupertino? Neither have I. However, that hasn't stopped Andrew Lin from vlogging his morning commute to the Mothership. The videos are all in QuickTime (what else?) and they are sped up by 30, so you need not experience the commu...

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I have recently discovered the joy that is vlogging. I used to be of the mind that if I couldn't read why should it be on a blog, but the last few months have been eye opening, thanks to the likes of Tiki Bar TV (not for the kids, but certainly not all that racy), Rocketboom, and Josh Leo. I've been...

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Apple releases iLife 06, Photocasting, iWeb addition

Apple today unveiled iLife 06, a major update to their award-winning suite of multimedia applications. The largest updates came to iPhoto, which can now handle 250,000 photos and features better, full-screen editing options. A major new feature is called Photocasting, which will allow an iPhoto user...

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Create an intro for Cinematical

Attention movie loving Motion mavens! Our sister blog, Cinematical, is looking for a 30 second (or less) intro for their Sundance vodcast and they want you to make it. You know the sort of thing they are looking for, much like what our fantastic reader C. Robin Osborn did for us. Here's the deal, y...

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Pod Guide.TV's ten essentials for your iPod

Pod Guide.TV has a post listing ten essential vodcasts for your brand spankin' new iPod (with video). Sure, you were excited when you opened your iPod and there wasn't a slab of meat waiting for you in the box, but now what are you going to watch on it? The ten essentials that Pod Guide.TV lists are...

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