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Parallels Server for Mac available now

In October, when Apple introduced a change in policy allowing Leopard Server to run in a virtual environment on Apple hardware, Mac IT geeks everywhere looked forward to the day that they could run Windows Server, Linux and OS X Server all off their pretty Xserves. That day is today, because Paralle...

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VM2Go - manage Parallels machines, run them from an iPod and more

One of the signs that you've 'made it' as a 3rd party (besides, of course, having great sales) is when other 3rd parties develop tools and apps that work with your app. In this vein, VM2Go from BriteMac (which we covered when it was in beta) is apparently the first 3rd party utility that allows you...

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Parallels Workstation 2.1 Beta5

Thorn lets us know, in the comments to the fast OS switching post, that the folks at Parallels have released Beta 5 of their Parallels Workstation 2.1 for Intel Macs. This is the software that lets you run 'virtual' machines on your Intel Macs (including, but not limited to, Windows XP). So what's n...

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