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Free cartoons for your iPod

We mentioned this cartoon podcast ages ago, but it went away. Frederator Studios (makers of fine cartoons like "Fairly Oddparents") has a relaunched blog, and a podcast. But the fun part are the free cartoons they're providing. And this time there's more than one available! These are out-o...

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First paid movie subscription podcast

Back in November, we interviewed Canadian filmmaker Kray Mitchell of emotion entertainment upon the release of CrookZ, the first short film to be released as a vodcast in iTunes. Kray's intention was to make his film available to a great number of people with minimal fuss, but Skinny Bones Productio...

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Find iPod videos with SearchForVideo

SearchForVideo is a new service that scours the internet for iPod-compatible videos. All sorts of genres are represented, from humor to current events. There's also a video podcast, of course [link]. Choose the type of content you're interested in and be directed to the proper link in iTunes. Of cou...

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Apple posts podcast tutorials

Now this is pretty cool: Apple has posted a series of eight video podcasts to the iTunes Music Store [link] that explain how to make a great podcast (both audio and video) with iLife '06. Topics include setting recording levels in GarageBand, making use of introductory music and sound effects, addin...

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Create an intro for Cinematical

Attention movie loving Motion mavens! Our sister blog, Cinematical, is looking for a 30 second (or less) intro for their Sundance vodcast and they want you to make it. You know the sort of thing they are looking for, much like what our fantastic reader C. Robin Osborn did for us. Here's the deal, y...

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Pod Guide.TV's ten essentials for your iPod

Pod Guide.TV has a post listing ten essential vodcasts for your brand spankin' new iPod (with video). Sure, you were excited when you opened your iPod and there wasn't a slab of meat waiting for you in the box, but now what are you going to watch on it? The ten essentials that Pod Guide.TV lists are...

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MacTV releases screen capture video tutorial

MacTV (no, not that Mac TV) is a videocast that features all sorts of interesting Mac videos. Previous editions have included the Hal 9000 ad (one of my favorites), the original iPod TV spot and a formerly press-only video of Steve introducing the white iBooks (including Reality Distortion Field). T...

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