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Tag: voice control

Parrot MINIKIT Neo voice-controlled hands-free kit coming in September

For many drivers, hands-free kits are not only a good idea, but the law. A huge array of devices have come out over the past few years, many with a common problem -- they're rather bulky and unattractive. Now Parrot, the same company that brings you the über-cool AR.Drone, has announced th...

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Rumor: Google working on Siri competitor codenamed "Majel"

Android and Me has reportedly come across some secret details regarding "Majel," which is Google's voice control project that sounds very similar to the popular Siri. Before you start crying foul that Google is jumping on the voice control bandwagon, don't forget that Google actually included v...

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Siri being tested in jailbroken iPad 1

It's been ten days since Siri hit the scene and the virtual assistant is in the process of being torn apart by the hacking community. Siri, as it exists on the iPhone 4S, has been ported to the iPhone 4 and now the iPad 1. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who worked on the iPhone 4 port, ha...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: What is this "Voice Control" thing?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I discovered by accident that I can hold down the home button on the iPhone 4 and it brings up Voice Control. I don't remember this being there before. Is this some sort of Siri light functionality for the iPhone 4? I can use it to makes calls and FaceTime someone, but not much ...

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Why Siri should (and probably will) come to iPad 2

Since the iPhone 4S features the same A5 processor as the iPad 2, owners of Apple's current-gen tablet have wondered if it's possible that Siri, Apple's new voice assistant, might be offered on the iPad 2. While my colleague Erica Sadun's answer to that is "Don't hold your breath," I only agree with...

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Apple (re)introduces Siri as iPhone voice control assistant for iPhone 4S

Apple picked up mobile assistant app Siri quite a while ago, but only at today's event did we finally see why. The company is relaunching the app as official, though it will keep the name Siri. To access it, all you'll have to do is hold down the home button, and then a little purple mic will p...

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Rumor: Next iPhone to feature powerful Assistant, 1 GB of RAM (Updated)

Last week a reliable source (who asked not to be named) approached TUAW with information about upcoming iPhone features that sounded incredible. We didn't run the post at that time, however, both out of concern for the source and because we couldn't corroborate the details. This morning, 9to5...

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iPhone 101: Using Voice Control

While we wait for iOS 5 to deliver cool new features, here's a look at Voice Control, a feature introduced with the iPhone 3GS model. There are three types of Voice Control commands: phone, music and other. Here's how to use each. Launching Voice Control Of course, you can't use Voice Control ...

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Why didn't we see a Nuance announcement during WWDC?

One major rumor missing from the WWDC keynote yesterday was voice control. It was just last year that Apple purchased Siri, a popular voice companion app for iOS. Apple was also rumored to be working with Nuance to offer some form of voice control in its software. References to Nuance were re...

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Ford's AppLink to support iPhone voice control of apps

My, how far we have come since Ford offered a "standard" iPod jack in its 2008 Ford Escape. Starting this month (and next depending on the model), SYNC-equipped Ford Fiesta owners with iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphones will be able to use free software from Ford called AppLink, which gives ...

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Ask TUAW: iPad VGA out, changing keyboard shortcuts, Time Capsule worries, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about changing keyboard shortcuts in Keynote, the iPad's dock to VGA adapter, Time Capsule failures, Mac-compatible scanners, iPhone voice control, and more. As always, your suggestions and question...

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TUAW Poll: What features would you like to see in the Apple tablet?

Being an Apple blogger must do something strange to your brain, because instead of having "visions of sugarplums" dancing in my head on Christmas morning, I was thinking about what cool features an Apple tablet could feature. While we've heard of some of the proposed ideas -- it's supposed to be ...

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With the iPhone 3.1 update little things mean a lot

Sometimes it's the smallest thing in a software update that means the most to some users. This latest iPhone update contains a few little gems that should not be lost in all the excitement over new iPod hardware. One of the nicest additions is the ability to remotely lock your iPhone if you're a ...

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iPhone 101: Safe driving with iPhone

Let's face it, the less distractions you have while driving the better, even if the government can't decide whether or not to tell you how dangerous phones + cars can be. Last week I was happy to see Penn Jillette (a magician whose work I've admired since I was too young to say the name of his curre...

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Is this what's in the next iPhone update?

The iPhone Blog is reporting what's purported to be in the next, and hopefully imminent iPhone update to version 3.1. As we've reported, developers were seeded with the beta Tuesday. Here's the list: Voice Control now works over Bluetooth Updated AT&T profile to 4.2 (MMS is now enabled) ...

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