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Facebook Messenger gets voice features, more coming

Facebook has updated its Messenger app (which allows iOS and Android users to chat with the site's messenging service) with some interesting VoIP features. Users can now save and send voice messages between Facebook accounts, meaning that if you don't want to bother typing a long message out, y...

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Fuze Meeting delivers multiparty video conferencing to iPad 2

The latest updates to Callwave's distributed conferencing platform, Fuze Meeting, have added a rather dramatic new feature that's perfect for iPad 2 owners (not to mention Android 'Honeycomb' tablets like the Motorola Xoom and older 'Froyo' devices): multi-party video conferencing. Meeting host...

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iBlue, Mac mini based IP PBX

I'm not an expert on VoIP (that's Voice over IP) technology, but I do know an interesting way of distributing software when I see it. 4S newcom GmbH has developed a new software based IP PBX (that's telephone switch to you, put simply). Normally, this wouldn't be something we discuss on TUAW, but th...

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