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Verizon iPhone orders already shipping

Those of you who placed your pre-order for the Verizon iPhone 4 early this morning may be in for a nice surprise tomorrow, as TUAW reader Cameron from The 9magnets Blog wrote in to let us know that his VZW iPhone has apparently already shipped. A screenshot of his order (and the corresponding Ameri...

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Verizon iPhone prep: Save your old voicemail, it's not coming with you

Thinking of picking up a new iPhone 4 for your Verizon account in the coming weeks? Macworld's review is already up, as are Engadget's, Techcrunch's and Wired's (spoiler: it's an iPhone 4!). But if you want to save any of those all-important legacy voicemails during the setup process, be sure to rea...

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Verizon Transfer app for contact migration to VZW iPhones already on App Store

In preparation for the upcoming Verizon iPhone launch, you may notice the VZ Transfer app on the App Store. The free app only works on Verizon iPhones, which means it doesn't do anything yet. But that doesn't seem to be stopping some exceptionally clever people from downloading it, discovering it d...

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