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Scanner Pro 4.5 Updated to Make iOS Scanning Easier

Scanner Pro has always been one of the best iOS document scanners applications around, and it just got better. Readdle has updated Sacnner Pro to include real-time border detection. Scanner Pro allows your iPhone or iPad to scan receipts, whiteboards or any single or multi-page document. Why not ...

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The extra safe, extra cautious iOS 4.1 upgrade guide

In case you missed it, the highly anticipated iOS 4.1 software update was released yesterday. If you've already upgraded, or after reading that sentence you're not already downloading it now, then you obviously like to play it cool and safe. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. Good for you! Either...

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iPhone OS 3.0 walkthrough

It's official: The iPhone 3.0 firmware is now available. As you wait for your copy to download and install, you'll need something to read -- and we've got a complete walkthrough of the new software. Join us as we take you through most of the new features and how to use them. Push Notifications Th...

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Apple posts iPhone 3G S videos

Apple has posted two new videos on its main page. An iPhone Guided Tour introduces the iPhone 3G S model with all its new features. You'll see how to shoot a video and edit it on your iPhone, make calls and play songs using voice commands, get a preview of the 3.0 Spotlight feature in action, and ...

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The big Zapruder: Jacks, Connectors and waking the iPhone from Sleep

Are you caught at work? Unable to spend 25 minutes watching Apple's guided tour video? TUAW to the rescue! Here's our first annotated gallery of shots from the guided tour video for you to peruse as you concentrate on getting the real work in your life done on time. We'll continue adding updates th...

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How To: Add a new iCal event from Quicksilver

A while ago we covered Quicksilver plugins for Gmail and Google Calendar, allowing you to send an email or create a new event (respectively) right from within Quicksilver's interface. If you aren't a Google Calendar user though, Quicksilver also offers the same kind of plugin for iCal. Somehow I lo...

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Walkthrough: iTunes 7's big new features

In case you missed it, one of the big announcements of today's It's Showtime events was iTunes 7, a major update that brought changes on nearly every front. Organizing, shopping, syncing - everything got a lot of attention from Apple's software engineers and, as you'll see throughout this walkthroug...

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Walkthrough: Running Windows Vista on your Intel Mac with Parallels Desktop

I managed to get Vista running on my MacBook Pro in both a copy of Parallels Desktop and Boot Camp, but this post is only going to cover the Parallels side of things; my Boot Camp post is still in the kettle. For the most part, I would say Vista runs in Parallels Desktop just 'ok,' as opposed to 'r...

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