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NYPost: Apple paying major music labels up to $150 million for rights to music on iCloud

The New York Post is reporting that three separate sources have told them Apple is paying the big four music labels between $100-150 million for the rights to distribute their music through the new iCloud service, which is set to debut on Monday. Their sources say that each label will get betwe...

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Apple, publishers reportedly close to completing cloud music deal

Apple's music streaming service is inching closer to launch according to industry sources. Earlier rumors suggest Apple already inked licensing agreements with three of the four major record labels, including EMI Music, Warner Music and Sony Music. The one remaining holdout is Universal Music, wh...

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Sony joins EMI and Warner in Apple cloud music service

Three down, one to go. Just a day after CNET suggested that EMI joined Warner Music Group in allowing Apple to distribute their music over a cloud-based service, now Bloomberg is claiming that Apple has also officially inked a deal with Sony Music. That leaves just one of the big four music lab...

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Act surprised: Higher iTunes prices mean slower sales

Warner Music revealed on Tuesday something we've all long suspected: music sales have witnessed a growth slump on iTunes since the record labels pushed Apple to implement a variable or tiered pricing model. As a result, consumers have slowed their spending habits of media on iTunes, making fewer pu...

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Apple and record labels to release competing enhanced album formats

Remember when we said the four largest record companies were working together with Apple to add enhanced liner notes and extra media to full album purchases through the iTunes Store? Well, apparently Apple wasn't in on that cooperation. The Guardian is reporting that the four companies' plans for ...

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Warner Music Group ditches DRM, on Amazon MP3 only

You'll be hard pressed to find anyone outside of the Music Industry who thinks that DRM is a good thing, and today it looks like more people in the Music Industry are seeing the error of their ways. Warner Music Group has announced that starting today people can buy their entire digital catalog via...

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It's official: iTunes tracks will remain $0.99 each

After months of debate (could you imagine being involved in "months of debate" with Steve? No, thanks), Apple and the Big Four record companies have come to a deal that will allow the iTunes Music Store to avoid variable pricing, keeping the cost of a single track to $0.99 (more or less). ...

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