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Please don't be fooled by this TurboScan rip-off

I love the TurboScan document scanning app for my iPhone. I've used it more than any other utility and it makes dealing with paperwork that requires a signature a super slick affair. So, when I got an email promoting a new app called "Turbo Scan HD," I was excited to see if there was a new version...

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Disable that Mac OS X Internet download warning

Mac OS X 10.5 introduced a new feature that warned users when they first opened a file downloaded from the Internet. It's a protection mechanism to prevent users from opening potentially harmful files. It's also extremely annoying for users who download many files from known trustworthy. Thanks t...

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Quicken users: Don't update to OS X Lion until you read this

IGG software, the folks who bring you the iBank personal finance application, sent out a reminder this morning via PR channels that bears repeating. If you use any version of Quicken prior to Quicken Essentials, be sure to export your data from the app before you update to Lion. You'll need that ...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Disk Alarm

On today's portable Macs, especially those packing SSDs, storage space can be somewhat limited. It can be pretty easy to fill up all available space with a few large downloads, rendering your computer starved of space and creaking under the strain. Problem is, unless you watch your HDD space li...

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New phishing email pretends to be from Apple's online store

We've received several reports today of an email making the rounds that's very likely a phishing scam. The message content is cleverly designed to look like it's coming from the Apple Store, and clicking on any of the links will take you to a website that's even superficially similar to Apple's onl...

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Widget Watch: eBay Watcher 3.0

If your picture is hanging on eBay's 'Favorite Customers of All Time' award wall, this eBay Watcher widget might be just for you. As a powerhouse eBay monitoring tool, this widget has it all: up to three items can be watched at once, audio feedback for price changes and auction ending, Growl notific...

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Beware Palm 4.2.1c Installer?

Earlier this afternoon, Damien at Mr. pointed me to this article at Macintouch that makes the Palm 4.2.1c Installer look, shall we say, a little less than trustworthy. From the article:"I have just examined the contents of the Palm Desktop 4.2.1 Revision C package installer, and I h...

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