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Netflix Streaming officially comes to the Mac

Update: As the commenters have noted -- this service is currently only available for US customers. I truly apologize for my US-centric slant. Last month, Netflix finally started to roll out its Watch Instantly service to Mac users. You needed to opt-in to use the feature, but it was available for...

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Opt-in to get Netflix Watch Instantly Now

We noted a little while back that Netflix is finally bringing its Watch Instantly streaming TV and Movie service to the Mac. They began by rolling out the service slowly and it wasn't initially available to all Netflix subscribers. Now, however, it appears that there's a way for all Mac-using Netfli...

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Netflix begins testing Watch Instantly on the Mac

Netflix has been talking about bringing its "Watch Instantly" movie streaming service to the Mac for a long time, and now Engadget is reporting that they're finally beginning to roll it out. The "Watch Instantly" service allows unlimited Netflix subscribers to stream about 12,000 TV shows and movies...

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