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AT&T to release Watson voice recognition APIs

AT&T will be releasing developer application-programmer interfaces (APIs) for its Watson speech engine this June, according to a write-up over at the Verge. Developers will be able to add voice recognition features to their applications by integrating AT&T programming calls. The APIs will...

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Sandvox updated to 1.1

In the Mac-user make-Web-page so-very-pretty no-use-nasty-HTML market, the big kahunas are iWeb, RapidWeaver, and Karelia Sandvox -- guess which one just got revved to version 1.1? If you recall, Karelia came up with one of the most original utilities ever, the Web scraping and search tool Watson, w...

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Karelia: "Lightning has indeed struck twice"

This has got to be frustrating. In an attempt to avoid a repeat of the Watson/Sherlock debacle, the folks at Karelia Software made an earlier-than-originally-planned public beta release of Sandvox available. Sandvox is a super-simple, WYSIWYG web editor that makes web site construction easy and fun....

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Sandvox public beta available

A few years ago, Karelia software released the great Watson, an internet search utility for Mac OS X. Many loved it, and I still use it all the time, in fact. Shortly after that successful release, Apple produced a version of its own Sherlock that bore a strikingly uncanny resemblance to Watson. Eve...

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