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Vessyl connected cup tracks hydration and more; also makes a great gift

Those of us who are watching our waistlines often pay detailed attention to what we see on our plates, but not to what we drink. Hydration (or lack thereof) is also a key part of staying healthy, but iPhone apps to date have usually focused on how many glasses of water you think you've consumed ...

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What a week with the Moto 360 taught me about the Apple Watch

I love Apple gadgets, but I also love pretty much any type of new technology regardless of the brand. That's why a package arrived at my door last Monday from Motorola with a shiny new Moto 360 inside. Yep, the same Moto 360 that I tore apart after reviews made it clear that the watch wasn't del...

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Misfit Flash is an affordable, fun, and waterproof wearable

If you think that the world of wearables turned all Apple last week with the announcement of the Watch, you're wrong. Over the past few days TUAW has received information about a number of new wearables, including one that is incredibly affordable. The new Misfit Flash (US$49.99) is the second wea...

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The iWatch is dead, long live the iWatch

Up until Apple officially unveils a wearable, this little beauty is a close as any of us have ever gotten to an Apple smartwatch. The 6th generation iPod nano is still a pretty impressive little device, and with the ability to view photos, track calories burned, count your steps, play music and re...

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Apple hires Alex Hsieh from Atlas Wearables

Apple has hired Alex Hsieh, formerly of Atlas Wearables. According to Hsieh's Linked profile, he began working for Apple in June, 2014 as a firmware developer. No other details about his current role or assignment are available. Here's a video of the Atlas wearable in action. As MacObserver note...

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Bem Wireless Speaker Band is wearable fun: A TUAW Video Review

Everybody is getting on the wearable tech bandwagon these days, so it's not surprising that audio accessory manufacturer Bem Wireless decided to create the Speaker Band (US$49.99). It's a Bluetooth speaker that just happens to reside on your wrist, and it comes in six fun colors. And if you're som...

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LG's HeartRate earphones and other news for May 13, 2014

Today in the news, LG will soon be delivering iOS compatible earphones, Apple's spaceship campus is spotted from the air, and Apple's recent anti-poaching settlement is under dispute. LG has announced iOS-compatible earphones that will track the wearer's heart rate. The neat thing is that th...

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Ming-Chi Kuo and The Legend of the $3,000 iWatch

Along with the iPhone predictions I covered yesterday from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo -- who, despite being wrong about new Apple products many times, is described by various outlets as "spot on" and "pretty reliable" -- we were graced with a supposed bit of insider info on Apple's still ...

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These hideously ugly, radiation-blocking jeans are apparently great for your iPhone

You know what they say about functionality: "It's always better to look like a fool than have a few specks of dust on your iPhone." Wait, nobody ever said that? What you see above are a pair of WTFJeans, which are designed specifically for iPhone users. To that end, they feature microfiber-lined ...

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For the secret agent with an iPhone

Unfortunately, you won't be scoring a pair of these Apple cufflinks yourself, as their owner, Jakob Skjerning, notes that his wife had them custom made for their wedding. She's definitely a keeper! [Photo credit: JakobS]...

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The little-known iPhone 4sandal

I have no idea where these are from or if they are somehow an officially licensed product (I'm betting not), but either way, it's a mighty strange thing to put on some summer footwear. [Photo credit: Daniel Hoherd]...

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The best (and worst) iWatch concepts

Apple might possibly launch a wrist-wearable smart device this year that could maybe be fitness and health focused, but that's about as much as anyone cares to guess at this point. The almost complete lack of verifiable information regarding the device -- which has been unanimously tagged the "iWa...

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Let's all take a moment to remember Apple's utterly amazing 1980s foray into fashion

When it comes to Apple apparel, nobody can stop talking about the rumored iWatch that may or may not make its debut in 2014, but it certainly wouldn't be the first time the company got into the wearable business. If we rewind time a few decades, we find a fabulous clothing line launched by Apple t...

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If you're an early adopter, a Pebble makes a nice gift

Chris Velazco wrote a great TechCrunch piece on wrist-based wearable tech and where it is right now; I recommend you go read it. Then come right back. We're in the walking fish stage of wearable computers The landscape he describes reminds me of the early home PC market, awash with weirdo design...

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The Smarty Ring is the laziest piece of wearable tech ever, and it may never even exist

There are crazy crowdfunding campaigns, and then there are crazy crowdfunding campaigns. The Smarty Ring falls into the latter category, and since its Indiegogo project has raised less than half of its goal with just a couple of days to go, it seems like most would-be funders agree. The idea behi...

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