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iWeather has some clever features in a crowded field

iWeather (free, ad-supported with in-app options) is a graphically interesting and reasonably complete weather app. The problem for most new weather apps like iWeather is being creative enough to get people to stop using some of the leading weather apps like Yahoo Weather, Apple's built-in app, and ...

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Wthr is a well thought out and innovative weather app for iOS

Whtr is a free universal app (with in-app purchase options) with a fresh take on how weather information should be presented and organized. The screens are very clean and simple. The app UI is gesture-based, so swiping up brings up the next screen. There is a clever option to drag the current tem...

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Simple Weather is an elegant 'just the facts' app

With so many weather apps, making the best choices for your iPhone can be a conundrum. Simple Weather (free , supported by in-app advertising) is just that, a bare-bones but attractive app that takes its background colors from the current conditions, and features a screen of basic information that c...

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WeatherPro for iOS has a wealth of weather details

Oh no! Another weather app. Actually, I'm thrilled at all the competition. WeatherPro has a great deal of information, far more than I see in most other weather apps. It is also very graphical in its approach, and a quick glance will show you a lot about the area your are interested in. WeatherPro...

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