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Take Control of .Mac ebook revised, just in time for name change

Take Control Books has published the second edition of Joe Kissell's Take Control of .Mac eBook. The new version covers the use of Apple's .Mac service with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and iLife '08, with detailed information about: Changes to .Mac in Leopard Adding movies and photos to a Web Galler...

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Subtle new feature in iPhoto 7.1.2: "Actual Size" for gallery downloads

In the transition from iLife '06 to '08, one of the shifts in iPhoto functionality was the deprecation of photocasts in favor of .Mac web galleries. Sure, your friends and family can still subscribe to an RSS feed of your pictures (and what kind of loving grandparent doesn't want a newsfeed full o...

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TUAW Tip: How to manually delete a .Mac Web Gallery

The new .Mac Web Galleries sure are pretty slick, but their dependency on iPhoto '08 can have some unfortunate side effects. When I first installed iLife '08, I moved my original iPhoto library so I could tinker around with the new version using a few pics I had lying around on my Mac. I then create...

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iPhones ready for web gallery now

Well, here's something interesting. This morning, I had three options when working with photos on my iPhone: "Use as Wallpaper," "Email Photo" and "Assign to Contact." Well, I turned my phone on a minute ago (about 4:15 PM Eastern), and a fourth option has appeared: "Send to Web Gallery." No sync, n...

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Check out a .Mac web gallery

While examining iLife '08 this afternoon, one of our Twitter buddies posted this link to a live .Mac web gallery. It's very slick indeed. Drag your cursor over a gallery to "flip" through its photos, and click anyone to view. Once you've entered a gallery (Apple is still rather reflection crazy),...

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