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Ars server logs show iPads using iOS 6, high-res displays

Another piece of interesting evidence of a higher-resolution iPad has been exposed by Ars Technica. Looking at web server logs for February, Ars staffers found that the site had been visited by devices running iOS 6. Additionally, some of the devices had a screen resolution matching the alleged sp...

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Easy iWeb Publisher 3.0.3

Although I've written a book about iWeb, I often tell my clients to avoid using it for their websites if they're planning on hosting anywhere but on MobileMe. Why? When you post to MobileMe from iWeb, you "Publish" and your site is uploaded. Minor changes to a site only take a few seconds to uploa...

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iPhone as backup web server

Using the port of lighttpd on his jailbroken iPhone, Mark Hoekstra of GEEKtechnique offers real-world proof that an iPhone can, indeed, function as a web server. He put up a static page and served 411 unique visitors during the time his server was offline for maintenance. Obviously, that's not battl...

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Found footage: Wireless Newton web server cluster

This one's for the Newton fans out there. Presenting the Newton Wireless web server cluster! The first video is short on details, but the demo speaks for itself. Of course they had to use it to serve pr0n. Silly boys. It runs on four Newton 2100s using NPDS with custom scripts. For round 2, see ...

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