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Chitika: iPad web share falls after Christmas holiday

In what will probably be seen by some pundits as "proof" that Apple is going to fail, Chitika Insights today reported that the web share for Apple's tablet fell by 7.1 percent after December 25, 2012. Chitika gathers this information by looking at hundreds of millions of impressions on its ad...

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iOS now responsible for 2 percent of all web traffic

According to a report from NetApplications, Apple's iOS now has a 2 percent share of all web traffic. Combining for a worldwide average of 2.06 percent, the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch OS has passed the 2 percent mark for the first time ever and has even reached a whopping 10 percent market share in...

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iOS devices affecting Mac's web share worldwide

There's a new set of web share stats out in the US, and it appears that on a worldwide scale, the iPhone and other iOS devices are taking a bite out of normal computers' web browsing, but specifically more for Macs than Windows PCs. That's the conclusion in the new Net Applications report, which no...

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iPad claiming .03% of all 'net traffic already

I must say, my iPad has become my primary way to access the Web when I'm at home, and it looks like Apple's latest device is getting a lot of exercise from other iPad users too. In a report from NetApplications, the iPad averaged 0.03 percent, per day, of all Web traffic for the ten days after i...

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