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Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, others to launch new Web standards resource

Apple is just one of quite a few big tech companies signed on to help support the Worldwide Web Consortium (known as the W3C) in developing a brand new web standards resource called WebPlatform.org. The new site is simply designed to get all available information about how to code for the vario...

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Apple's HTML5 showcase

Apple has published a new Web page meant to promote and show off the features of HTML5. There are seven sites featured in the "HTML5 showcase," each demonstrating a different function: video, typography, a photo gallery, transitions, audio, 360º product view, and VR. Each demo includes some ...

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Apple posts thoughts on Flash

Apple has posted their Thoughts on Flash, signed by Steve Jobs himself, which echos a lot of the commentary that you've probably already read on why Apple isn't supporting Flash on iPhone OS devices, and why they plan to block apps that allow Flash programs to be recompiled into iPhone OS programs, ...

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