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PlayOn's Web app brings Hulu to Mobile Safari

The good news is that PlayOn's Web app allows you to access popular Flash-based sites like Hulu and Netflix on your iPhone and (soon) your iPad. However, the bad news is that there are a whole lot of hoops to jump through before you can get there. You've got to sign up with PlayOn (a subscription s...

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Google Buzz now available on iPhone web app

Google revealed its new social communications feature Buzz yesterday while we were all traveling to Macworld, and the new service is now up and running in the Mobile Safari web app, as well as in your Gmail account everywhere else. The mobile app has all the features of the main service (it's kind o...

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DoYouFeed.com turns RSS into an iPhone web app

Reader Stéphane M sent us news about a website he's put together called DoYouFeed that will apparently turn any RSS feed out there into an iPhone web app -- just punch your RSS/XML feed URL into the site itself, and you'll get a TinyURL back that you can bookmark in your iPhone to read the ...

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Google Translate ported to iPhone

You know if the App Store has been out for a month and we're posting about a web app, it has to be a good one. Google announced late last week that they've brought the terrific Google Translate service over to the iPhone. Of course, whenever you travel internationally, roaming charges (sometimes hug...

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Google Talk for the iPhone

Google has just announced Google Talk for the iPhone (and iPod touch). You won't have to wait for the App Store to use it, since this is a web app designed for the iPhone's browser (remember when Apple wanted us to believe that web apps were just as good as fully native apps? My how times have chang...

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MySpace web app on the iPhone

Jake Marsh sent along this neat screencast of an iPhone web app for MySpace that he's working on. Facebook basically seems to be the gold standard of social networking web apps these days, and this looks basically just like that one. It is cool that you can look up people right away, but the real i...

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Wakoopa for iPhone keeps tabs on web apps

Reader Robert sent me a note to tell us that his startup site, Wakoopa (which, I was sorry to note, has nothing to do with Mario's enemies) has created a section specifically for (and compatible with) the iPhone. Wakoopa is a social network of sorts that lets you discuss and recommend different soft...

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