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Create custom iPhone and iPod Touch webclip icons

Dan Dickinson has posted a super-simple way to ensure that those who visit your site with an iPod Touch or iPhone will get a nice-looking webclip icon. When I say simple, I mean it: Create a 57x57 PNG. Name it "apple-touch-icon.png" Throw it in the root folder of your website. (Not the root ...

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iPhone January update, coming soon to an iTunes near you

I don't know about you all, but considering I'm not in the market for a pricey, tiny notebook, and I don't need yet another thing hooked up to my TV, the best news I heard at the Keynote today was about this iPhone "January update" (does that mean there'll be one every month?) coming soon to your ...

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24 Hours of Leopard: Web Clips

Feature: Web Clips, little roll-your-own widgets for Dashboard that will tell you anything the Web can. How it works: Making a Dashboard widget isn't really that hard now, but it's about to get a lot easier. There'll be a little button in Safari that you can press to take a "clip" of a web page and ...

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