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SwannEye HD ADS-460 Wi-Fi Security Camera: OK camera, awful software

We've tested a number of webcams and security cameras here at TUAW, but out of those we've tested, none have been designed to work both inside and outside of your home or business. The Swann ADS-460 SwannEye HD Wi-Fi Security Camera (US$179.99) comes in a stout weather-resistant casing and is also...

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D-Link DCS-930L webcam keeps an inexpensive eye on your world

I do a lot of playing around with webcams. Years ago I wrote a long screed about how difficult it was to get a FOSCAM PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) webcam set up in my house for security while we were on a trip. That device was incredibly hard to get working with OS X at the time, and I actually ended up havi...

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Piper packs security cam, home automation hub into one slick package

Webcams were one of the forerunners of the current Internet of Things boom, allowing smartphone-toting geeks to keep an eye on the office or homestead while out and about. Piper (starting at US$239), powered by iControl Networks, is targeted at the homeowner who wants a solution that provides both v...

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Researchers find a way into MacBook cameras

A few years ago, while on Skype, I asked a friend why his camera was dark. He replied that he had put tape over the camera light so that no one could spy on him. I wrote it off to paranoid silliness and told him that wasn't possible. Well, turns out I was wrong. Jeff Gamet at The MacObserver tell...

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SwannSmart ADS-450 WiFi Network Camera: Review and giveaway

As part of our coverage of home automation and security devices that work with Mac OS X and iOS devices, there have been quite a few Wi-Fi cameras that we've looked at. The latest is from security device manufacturer Swann, and it's the ADS-450 Wi-Fi Network Camera (US$129.99). This device uses...

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Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam test drive

Whether you use Skype or FaceTime, or you do a weekly video podcast, the quality of the video camera you use is important. It also helps to have more than one camera to switch between, for variety and to make your video look more professional. Most webcams are USB-based, and I've often found th...

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Daily iPhone App: WorldView+

It's no secret I'm fond of webcams from around the world, and I'd forgotten about a little gem I downloaded long ago: WorldView+. As far as these apps go, WorldView+ has possibly the best design of all of them. Also, like many other webcam apps, it has some missing cameras (although it touts 10,00...

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Lorex Home Video Monitoring System links with Skype, has wireless monitor

One accessory category that always seems to stir up reader interest is wireless webcams. We've seen our share of them over the last year: the Stem Innovations iZon (US$129.95), the iBaby Monitor ($199.95), and the WiFi Baby 3G ($279) among others. Lorex, a manufacturer of a number of security...

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WiFi Baby 3G baby monitor: Watching your baby from afar

Most parents want to keep a close eye on their baby, especially when he or she is sleeping in their room down the hall. Rather than check obsessively, which is what I did when I had my first baby, products like the WiFi Baby 3G let you easily watch your child from afar. Best of all, you can see...

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iBaby monitor: Keeping an iOS eye on your little one

One of the nicest things about Apple's iOS mobile operating system becoming ubiquitous is that accessory manufacturers are coming out with some wonderful devices that work with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The latest is one that new parents are going to love: the iBaby Monitor (US$199.95) fr...

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iZON Remote Room Monitor sleek, easy to set up, iOS-friendly

Stem Innovation just announced the stylish new iZON Remote Room Monitor on Monday, so it was a big surprise to find one in a package at my office on Tuesday. The new US$129.95 iZON (pronounced "eyes-on") is a Wi-Fi webcam that is definitely designed with Apple users in mind, as it is simple to set...

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Stem Innovation's iZON Remote Room Monitor is Apple friendly, easy to set up

Stem Innovation, the same company that brought iOS device owners the TimeCommand alarm dock and accompanying Stem:Command software, now has a new product out that looks like a winner. The iZON Remote Room Monitor (US$129.95) is a Wi-Fi connected, app-based video camera that can be used to keep an...

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Mobiola WebCamera: a first look at an iPhone-based webcam app

At least once a week, I use the iSight camera on my iMac act as the video source for TUAW TV Live. While it works very well, I sometimes need to add a second camera to the Mac in order to demonstrate something on an iPad or other device. That just hasn't worked out too well, since many of the camera...

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Frustrated by no universal video out for iPad? IPEVO P2V can help

One of the things that was a bit frustrating for me after purchasing the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter was finding out that it doesn't work with every iPad app. It works great with apps that are written to take advantage of the adapter, but at the present time there are only a handful of app...

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First look: Camera for iPad

No, it's not a hardware device, but Camera for iPad (US$0.99) can help out those frantic iPad users who are wondering how the heck they're going to survive without a by-God camera built into their latest Apple toy. The app is universal and runs on both iPad and iPhone. In fact, the camera in the ...

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