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Tag: webcams

WorldRelay Tuner lets you create your own micro-channel on iOS

WorldRelay Tuner (free) is a fascinating variation on the many radio tuner apps available. This app gives you audio and video streams, lets you save favorites, and watch or listen to what you want. It also includes live streaming cameras from a variety of spots around the globe. I set up dest...

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Popular iCam app gets a big brother with a lot more features

I've really enjoyed using the iCam app (US$4.99) over the years. It lets me remotely view the webcams in my house, helping me keep track of my parrot and make sure no one is breaking in. The old iCam is still for sale, but it now has a sibling in the form of iCam Pro (free, but a subscription wil...

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Webcam Iceland provides a nice tour of a place few of us will ever see

Iceland has always been on my list of places I simply must go to. The spectacular scenery (prominent in some recent films like Oblivion and Prometheus) is something I would like to capture with my own DSLR. The food, the culture, and the history are all very attractive, so I jumped at the chance to...

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Daily iPad App: Pocket Zoo HD

Parents and educators looking for a fun way to teach the young ones about zoo animals -- and have a bit of fun in the process -- now have an iPad app that fits both criteria. Pocket Zoo HD (US$3.99) gives kids of all ages a chance to learn more about some of the animals they might find in zoos ...

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Man watches his home being burglarized via his iPhone

The AP is reporting the story of a Dallas man who went out of town to visit relatives 1400 miles away in Hartford, Conn. While he was there, he got an alert from his iCam app, which was running on his iPhone, that motion had been detected in his house. It turned out to be two intruders that were try...

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No criminal charges in Pennsylvania MacBook spying probe

The Associated Press is reporting that a federal investigation into the possible misuse of webcams on Apple laptops did not find criminal intent. The investigation was at a suburban Philadelphia school district that used special software that wound up covertly snapping images of students who were...

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First look: free WunderMap weather app for iPad

I've always been a bit of a sucker for the Weather Underground "Who Is Hot?" and Wunder Radio iPhone apps, as well as their website, so I was anxiously awaiting word of when they'd announce something for the iPad. I didn't have to wait long, as the company has announced that their free WunderMap has...

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Remote webcam activation now disabled in software that led to controversy at Pennsylvania school

The suburban Philadelphia school being investigated for spying on students using MacBook laptops will lose the ability to turn on the built-in cameras remotely when they update their security software. Absolute Software, new owners of the LANrev remote administration suite (formerly owned and dev...

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Did a Pennsylvania school district use iSight to iSpy?

The FBI and lots of parents want to know if school-issued MacBooks were used to spy on students at a suburban Philadelphia school. Earlier today, a federal judge was asked to stop the school from destroying any records or logs from the 2,300 laptops that were used by high school students that att...

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OS X 10.5.7: The hidden fixes

I really didn't have any complaints about the latest Mac OS update. It went smoothly on 3 Macs, and I didn't hear any complaints from friends or associates. While many people moan about things that didn't get fixed, I'm somewhat concerned about the things that the 10.5.7 update DID fix that I didn'...

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