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Tag: webdav

Kanex meDrive: A pocket-sized file server for iOS and OS X

Imagine having a way to access shared files from your Mac, PC, or iOS devices without needing to tie up a computer to act as a file server. That's the idea behind the Kanex meDrive (US$79), a tiny box that connects to your Wi-Fi router and any USB flash or hard drive, and then works with a free co...

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CES 2013: Kanex introduces meDrive, a simple file server for iDevices and Macs

Kanex just announced its new meDrive, a bring-your-own storage network drive, accessible from your computer or iOS mobile device. Supporting WebDAV and Bonjour, it offers easy setup and discovery. Retailing for US$99, the device is particularly helpful for anyone who wants to bring along vide...

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Replacing iDisk with online storage of your own

With the June 30, 2012 death of Apple's MobileMe service looming just a little over two months away, some Mac users are still wondering what to do to replace one of the keystone pieces of the service -- iDisk. Macworld's Glenn Fleishman provided some tips today on how to replace iDisk with your...

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AirStash beta adds support for WebDAV and iPad apps

Not content with effectively adding unlimited storage to your iPhone and iPad, AirStash developer Wearable Inc. is introducing a public beta of the ability to read and write iWork files via WebDAV, making it easier to take your work with you wherever you go. AirStash is a WiFi-connected f...

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DropDAV: An easy way to link iWork for iPad and Dropbox

iWork for iPad is an incredibly powerful tool for folks who want to use their iPads as a MacBook Air surrogate. However, if they want to round-trip their documents through the popular Dropbox service, there hasn't been a way to save or open files from within Pages, Keynote, or Numbers for iPad. Unti...

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ForkLift 2, slick file management, fast file transfers

ForkLift 2 was officially released this week. This is the second generation of the FTP client-cum-Finder replacement, and it brings with it a veritable shipping palette full of new features. When it comes to file transfer, ForkLift 2 has just about all the bases covered: FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3...

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First Look: JotNot Scanner for iPhone updated to version 2.0

There's certainly no shortage when it comes to iPhone apps that turn your device into a pocket-sized scanner. At various times, TUAW bloggers have reviewed or discussed Readdle ScannerPro [US$6.99 (currently on sale for US$4.99), iTunes Link], DocScanner [US$8.99, iTunes Link], and JotNot [US$4.99, ...

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Gobble up this deal on 1Password Pro touch

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Agile Web Solutions is giving thanks to its customers this week in the form of a free iPhone app. Previously $7.99, 1Password Pro touch [iTunes link] is completely free until December 1st. Whether or not you use the excellent Mac edition of this app, which was recently ...

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Cloud file sharing on the iPhone, four ways

Among the crowded field of cloud sharing and file synchronization services, there are plenty of interesting options (we've been partial to Dropbox around here, but check around for more), but when you add 'must work well with iPhone' to the requirements list, the choices narrow a bit. I've been test...

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Flow goes 1.0

Flow, a pleasant FTP client for the Mac, has definitely come a long way since we last took a look at it (so very long ago). Flow just hit version 1.0, and here are some of the new features: QuickLook Built-in editor FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, .Mac, and local FTP Droplets to upload quickly Flow...

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Dockdrop 1.0

Dockdrop isn't necessarily something new to Mac OS X, but it's a simple and a cool application none-the-less. Dockdrop allows you to drop files on top of it and perform an action. You can use the following protocols to send files: FTP, Flickr, WebDAV, or SCP. Dockdrop reminds me of the "droplets" th...

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Take your iTunes on the road with WebDAV and S3

Jungle Disk lets you securely store files on Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) servers. It runs on your local machine as a WebDAV server, allowing you to access S3 as a remote disk. Today the always wonderful Bruce Stewart blogged about an online post he'd stumbled across which put across the que...

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TUAW Tip: TextExpander can subscribe to text snippets

This isn't quite so much a killer trick or hack you can perform on TextExpander - an indispensable time-saving text abbreviation and expansion utility - as much as it's a neat feature that I just recently discovered. TextExpander can export a list of all your text snippets and corresponding abbrev...

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iCal can publish through FTP after all

Well color us surprised: Mac OS X Hints just found out that iCal actually can publish calendars through FTP (not just WebDAV), opening the doors for many users to publish their calendars and integrate them into services like Google Calendar and the like. One simply needs to use ftp:// when using the...

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Transmit 3.5.4

Don't panic! Panic just released an update to their uber-popular FTP/SFTP client Transmit which purportedly squashes all those nasty bugs which have been driving you crazy. Version 3.5.4 fixes issues with certain SFTP servers, adds a preference pane to keep you connected even through some troubleso...

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