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Moxtra app for iPad gives you binders full of shareable content

In the ultra-cloud, post-PC era, we do not lack for ways to share our stuff. Got a presentation deck to show? You can go full-on web meeting with Webex, GoToMeeting, Join.me or Fuze Meeting; to create the content and share it smoothly, Slideshare or Sliderocket will serve, as would either Googl...

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iPads aid Disney's Imagineers in expansion of Magic Kingdom

Disney has posted a pretty cool video that shows how their "Imagineers" are using iPads to monitor and make changes to the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Using proprietary Disney software on the iPad, which allows Imagineers to view and manipulate a 3D digital renderi...

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Updated 6/3: Weber's On The Grill, Glympse, Bump, Stitcher Radio, WebEx

iOS App Store updates this morning: Weber's On the Grill: additional language support Bump: Faster photo uploads Glympse: Redesigned favorites view & more favorites features. Stitcher: Support for the Ford Sync radio. Cisco WebEx: Support for WebEx Beta sites. Hit your app updates ...

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Show floor video: Webex lets you collaborate across platforms

So let's say you've got a Panther machine on your DSL connection with a firewall, and another computer across town running Windows 98 on a dual-ISDN connection, but you really need to control the Mac from the PC. No dice, right? According to Webex, this might just be possible,* although your experie...

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