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IconSettings provides one-touch access to iOS settings with bookmarks

IconSettings, from the South African blog iPhoneZA, is an interesting hack that lets you set up one-touch buttons on your iOS device to access specific parts of the Settings app (like turning Bluetooth on or off, toggling Airplane mode, adjusting date & time, etc.) without going to the trou...

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ePrint is a nice solution to printing from your iPhone

The iPhone wasn't designed from scratch to print things, but it can be done. I've reviewed some solutions in the past, including one that required you to run a small print server on your computer, which then directs your print jobs to any local printers. There are also some apps that print photos di...

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Flickr Find: Apple homepage, 1983

Of course, we didn't have Flash, or web designers, or shiny browsers with big graphics, or the actual connections to load those graphics back in 1983 when Apple introduced the Lisa. But what if we did? That's the premise of this slick little photoshop by Dave Lawrence, imagining Apple's current ho...

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NetFixer - capture screenshots of entire websites

NetFixer is a new webpage capturing utility from Shiny Frog software, the same crew that brought us the fantastic Delibar. In the same vein as Paparazzi and Yoink, NetFixer employs some unique features: Very small and light app, only 240kb (Universal Binary) Shot directly from your preferred b...

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The promotional email for the .Mac webmail refresh that went out over the weekend might have been a bit more revealing than we originally thought. Reader Harry noticed the address Apple used to send it was a bit different than the standard 'noreply@apple.com' (and honestly, I'm signed up for so much...

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Use a webpage as your desktop with WebDesktop

Here's a handy bit of freeware. WebDesktop lets you use any web page as your desktop picture. Simply enter the URL of a terrific website (like, say, this one), set the transparency and reload rate and you're all set! When in the background, the page you're monitoring acts as your desktop picture, b...

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